“Energy Transition” = Energy Regression

In this issue:

  • Energy Transition = Energy Regression
  • How Climate Science Gets Distorted
  • Upcoming Accelerator Call
  • Quick updates

Energy Transition = Energy Regression

Tomorrow I’ll be recording a speech for an event about “the energy transition.”

When most people hear the term “energy transition,” associated with the increased use of solar and wind, they think it means “economic evolution”–like freely going from horse-and-buggy to automobile. In fact, “energy transition” is a political and religious energy regression.

“Energy transition” is political because without government mandates and subsidies, almost zero wind and solar would exist.

“Energy transition” is religious because it insists on “natural” wind and solar and rejects cost-effective hydro and nuclear for impacting nature too much.

See “Energy Transition” at EnergyTalkingPoints.com for more details on why this “energy transition” is actually “energy regression.”

How Climate Science Gets Distorted

This week’s Power Hour features one of my favorite energy and climate thinkers, Ross McKittrick, whose precision I greatly admire. Here’s the official description.

On this week’s Power Hour, Alex Epstein interviews economist Ross McKittrick, famous for debunking Michael Mann’s once-ubiquitous “hockey stick,” about how climate science gets distorted–so that what the public hears about climate science is a wild exaggeration of what most climate scientists actually believe.

McKittrick explains:

  • How the “hockey stick” became ubiquitous despite widespread concerns about its (in)validity.
  • The real track record of climate models.
  • Why climate economists are coming under attack for rejecting climate catastrophism.
  • Why climate catastrophists face a reckoning over the next 10 years.
  • What we can expect from the UN IPCC’s upcoming AR 6.
  • Why we almost never discuss the benefits of fossil fuels, including their role in driving progress.

You can watch on YouTube or listen on Apple Podcasts.

Upcoming Accelerator Call

On Sunday, May 16th, at 6 pm ET, 3 pm PT, I’ll be hosting my next Accelerator Zoom call.

In addition to answering any and all questions I’ll be discussing:

  • The latest on Fossil Future.
  • The growth of my Energy Talking Points group of elected officials.
  • The emergence of new energy champions from a wide variety of fields–and how to create far more.

If you’re already an Accelerator, you’ll get an invitation very soon. If you’re not, you can become one here.

Quick updates

  • On Twitter last week I held a contest to debunk an incredibly dishonest set of statements by Elon Musk on the viability of solar and batteries powering the world. I got lots of great answers.
  • Last week I did an interview with NTD news about the closure of the Indian Point nuclear power plant. The interview was featured in this story and this video.
  • I’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback on my recent presentation with Patrick Moore, especially the first 13 minutes where I explain how to think about our impact on climate. Check it out if you haven’t already.

To Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Energy,