Energy Ethics 101

Energy Ethics 101

In Energy Ethics 101, Alex Epstein, a leading philosopher of energy and the world’s most outspoken advocate of the fossil fuel and nuclear industries, teaches energy industry executives and employees the moral and communication principles he has used to confidently debate Greenpeace, Occupy Wall Street, and, as well as create thousands of new enthusiasts for fossil fuels and nuclear power.

All of the problems faced by the fossil fuel and nuclear industries come from one source: the public has been taught to believe that their industries are immoral. It has been taught to believe that fossil fuels and nuclear are inherently unsustainable and inherently harmful to our environment. It has been taught to believe that we are morally obligated to try to eliminate these industries &#150 the sooner, the better.

This moral view of the energy industry undermines public relations, it undermines employee morale, and it undermines the freedom of our most important energy producers to create affordable, abundant energy for billions of people. And most importantly, it is wrong. Producing fossil fuels and nuclear power are highly moral activities–and the whole world needs to understand why, starting with the energy industry itself.

–Alex Epstein, Founder, Center for Industrial Progress

Watch Alex Epstein in action defending the energy industry

What others are saying…

To those of us who have made their career in the exciting but much maligned oil and gas business, there is great satisfaction in hearing Alex’s moral celebration of the industry. And he does this with colorful examples and principles that combined to educate and inspire.”

–Jeri Eagan, former CFO, Shell Oil Company


I have been involved in the general debate of the benefits of the oil/gas industry for several years now. I have also been asked to participate in televised debates and give Op-Ed statements. I have always found that during these engagements I have always been put on the defensive and let the opposition set the tone of the discussion. You have by example, shown me a way to make my points in a manner that not only let’s me express fully my position, but to show the industry in a truly positive light. You have found the way to break down the walls, that have in the past boxed in our positions. I want to thank you, and your staff for the hard work and dedication to this cause, and tell you that you have all made a big difference in the way people discuss and look at our industry.”

–Terry L. Cunningham, EPI Consultants


In large part because of your enthusiasm for energy, which has sparked my own enthusiasm for the subject, I intend to enter the field myself. I’m working on my PhD in applied mathematics, with emphasis on high performance computing. We have oil companies recruiting at my school all the time, but only recently did I find myself really looking up to these people and seeking them out so that I may make my own contribution to this amazing field. The computing needs of oil companies are great, and I intend to meet them.”

–Reid Atcheson, Rice University