End Climate Fascism

Climate fascism: A system of authoritarian, anti-fossil fuel, anti-CO2 political policies that permits no opposition or criticism.

Over the last year, a group of state Attorneys General, with the enthusiastic public support of Al Gore, have begun prosecuting fossil fuel companies and fossil fuel-supporting think tanks who have challenged climate catastrophism. In other words, it is illegal to state or fund beliefs on fossil fuels and climate science that differ from those of government officials.

On Wednesday, June 15, I learned that I and my company, the Center for Industrial Progress, were added to the list of targets by the Massachusetts Attorney General. (See all the details, including the illegitimacy of fraud accusations, in this Forbes article and this Daily Caller article.)

The fact that my organization, which is funded by no one (including ExxonMobil) was targeted reveals that the “crime” being prosecuted is expressing opinions that government officials do not like. I wrote a bestselling book called The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels, so the government may invade my privacy and, by the logic of its position, eventually throw me in jail.

This is a direct attack on the First Amendment. This is Climate Fascism. And I ask you to help me fight it.

Here’s what I’ve done so far.

Believing that the other victims have been too charitable in dignifying the climate fascists as civilized, I privately and publicly responded to the Attorney General with a three-word email appropriate for the thug she has chosen to be.

I also made the following offer to Al Gore, the leader of the climate fascists, via Twitter:

This is an issue that should concern every free speech advocate, regardless of your views on fossil fuels and climate. If you believe in free speech you believe in a society of debaters not a society of dictators.

Alex Epstein, author of The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels and founder of the Center for Industrial Progress