Earth Day – A Reminder of the Benefits of Industrial Progress

It’s Earth Day – a day to think about the wealth of  potential resources that the Earth holds -resources that man has transformed so that the lives of humans could be better than ever. I know, Earth Day was devised by environmentalists to make people feel guilty about burning fossil fuels and cutting down trees.  But have you ever thought about the benefits we enjoy because those fuels are burned and those trees have been cut down?  The industrial progress that began  200 years ago has brought us to a point in history that our ancestors could never have dreamed possible. Our lives our safer, cleaner, easier and more enjoyable than ever.

So why do we need to atone for our use of fossil fuels and trees? We don’t. Instead, we should use Earth Day as a day to celebrate and enjoy the benefits that industrial progress has brought us.

Start your celebration right now by reading Alex Epstein’s recent op-ed “Earth Day a reminder of the benefits of industrial progress” at It will  remind you of all the phenomenal things you enjoy as the result of industrial progress. And don’t stop celebrating there. Learn more about industrial progress here.