Ditch ESG, embrace LVC

In this issue:

  • Replacing ESG with LVC
  • Lots of new interviews
  • Energy Champions

Replacing ESG with LVC

Several weeks ago I posted a popular thread condemning ESG. Since I am a big believer in offering a positive alternative, this week I posted my most comprehensive explanation yet of my proposed alternative to ESG: LVC–Long-term Value Creation.

Introducing LVC — Long-term Value Creation

  • The primary purpose of a publicly-traded company, according to LVC, is to increase shareholder value by *engaging in long-term value creation*–including mutually-beneficial relationships with one’s trading partners and communities, as well as high ethical standards.
  • ESG says companies should serve “stakeholders”–an overly-broad term that includes committed enemies.
  • LVC says companies should pursue mutually-beneficial relationships, specifically with trading partners and communities, *in order to serve shareholders.*
  • ESG prescribes cookie-cutter practices of governance, social relations, and environmental policy.
  • LVC recognizes that proper practices of governance, social relations, and environmental policy are *highly contextual* to specific industries and companies.
  • ESG prescribes practices of governance, social relations, and environmental policy that are largely conceived by anti-freedom, anti-capitalist forces seeking quasi-political control over companies.
  • LVC values and respects freedom and capitalism as essential to value creation.
  • ESG embraces, under the vague term “diversity,” a form of neoracism in which individuals are defined overwhelmingly by their skin color.
  • LVC embraces “individualism”–the opposite of racism–valuing not skin color but the individual’s ability to create value.

Lots of new interviews

In the last week I’ve done a lot of new interviews in an effort to reach new audiences.

One was an interview on The Donlon Report (on the NewsNation TV network) on mounting electricity shortages. I hear that Donlon’s relatively new show is gaining popularity, and I can understand why. He came to the interview extremely prepared.

I also did three new interviews on popular Bitcoin podcasts. The energy issues surrounding Bitcoin and other forms of cryptocurrency are getting a lot of attention, and I’m finding a lot of rational people in the Bitcoin world open to my message.

The three podcasts, all of which I expect to come out in the next week are:

One thing I enjoyed about all three podcasts is that I am now better able to communicate my human flourishing framework, and I am noticing the hosts internalizing it much more quickly and completely.

If you follow any shows or podcasts with large audiences (50K people or more) please encourage them to invite me on. So many of my interviews come from listener requests.

Energy Champions

Last week, I announced the Energy Champions group. I’ve gotten 50+ signups so far. The first meeting is in a little over a week.

Note: Energy Champions is not a public group that people represent or affiliate with. It’s a private group devoted to radically improving the quality of energy messaging and the distribution of that messaging.

  • The goal of this group, which will feature regular Zoom calls, is to share my approach to energy messaging and policy with as many “energy champions” as possible so they can be far more effective–including creating far more valuable material. I have the conviction that there are a lot of people out there with so much valuable knowledge in their heads that I and others can use, but it is not communicated in anywhere near the most useful way. I want to help with that.
  • There is no cost to joining this group.
  • By joining this group you will get regular messaging as well as invites to biweekly meetings.
  • The main criteria for being in the group is that you spend a significant portion of your time (at least 5 hours a week) championing energy and energy freedom.
  • Eligible groups include:
    • Think-tank members
    • Activists
    • Trade group members
    • Lobbyists
    • Energy company representatives
    • Elected officials at any level
  • To apply, email me at alex@alexepstein.com subject “Energy Champions” and a few sentences on why you’d like to join.

To Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Energy,