Discussing the Paris Climate Accord on Fox & Friends

On Sunday morning, I was on Fox & Friends (watch here) to discuss criticism at the G20 summit of President Trump’s decision to leave the Paris Climate Accord. I got very positive feedback (except about the lighting on my end, which I will fix next time). Here is a key part:

Host: If you listen to leaders of other countries, they say America’s being left behind, we’re on the sidelines. Would you call it that, or would you say that President Trump is showing leadership by sticking out from the crowd?

Alex: It’s called the Paris Climate Accord, which is pretty vague. I think it should be called the Paris Poverty Plan, because all it really does is it makes energy more expensive. Instead of liberating every source of energy, including fossil fuels, including nuclear power, you have people who are making energy more expensive by taxing fossil fuels, and to hypocritically oppose nuclear power and fracking, which are the two big ways of reducing CO2 emissions.

Host: Then Alex, why do they like this accord so much?

Alex: If you look throughout history, a lot of movements like control over the individual. In the 20th Century it was collectivism, particularly socialism, and today there is this idea that human beings left free are going to ruin the planet. So a lot of people like the idea that their power is somehow necessary for the planet and for humanity.