Discussing The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels on The Glenn Beck Program

I went on Glenn Beck’s radio show this morning to talk fossil fuels.

Some of the topics we discussed in my half hour segment:

  • How my background in philosophy led me to champion fossil fuels.
  • Why having risks or side-effects doesn’t make something immoral.
  • How to think about your environment, if your goal is to maximize human well-being, instead of minimizing human impact.
  • Evaluating energy sources using life-based statistics.
  • Why the messaging the oil industry uses to defend itself is ineffective, and how we can get The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels into more hands.

Of everything I have ever done in front of a video camera, this appearance was my favorite. Check out the three minute clip and see if you can tell how much fun I was having.

You can also listen to the full show on Soundcloud, or download my segment here.

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