Day and time set for my DiCaprio CEO debate + the Stakeholder Strategy Scorecard

In 4 weeks I will be debating the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation’s CEO, Terry Tamminen, on the proposition “We Can’t Abandon Fossil Fuels.” It will be the capstone event of the 20,000 attendee Collision Conference’s “Planet Tech” feature. I’m told it will be promoted heavily, quite possible by Leonardo DiCaprio himself.

The debate will take place May 2, from 4:10 pm – 4:35 pm CT (a quick debate!) in New Orleans. It will be streamed online via Facebook Live on the Collision Facebook page.

Although I’ve had an easy time my last several debates, I am nevertheless devoting a lot of time to preparation because every little improvement I make can potentially make the difference for an undecided audience member.

Rate your strategy with the Stakeholder Strategy Scorecard.

I created this new scorecard to help organizations assess where they are and where they want to be on their communications projects. Try it out here. Anyone who completes the scorecard and emails it back to me will get our new and improved Stakeholder Strategizer tool next week.

If you don’t work in an organization with communications projects, I’d be grateful if you forwarded it to someone who does.

Last week, I got a lot of great responses from those of you who filled out the Constructive Conversation Scorecard.