Congressman Chip Roy on the 2020 Energy Debate

In this issue:

  • Congressman Chip Roy on the 2020 energy debate
  • Recent and upcoming speeches, in-person and virtual
  • gaining steam

Congressman Chip Roy on the 2020 energy debate

On this week’s Power Hour, I bring on Congressman Chip Roy to discuss the 2020 energy debate and how pro-freedom candidates and citizens can be successful in it. 

Some specific topics we cover are:

  • Why energy policy has not been a big topic of discussion so far, particularly among Republicans.
  • Why we can expect energy policy, including climate policy, to be a big topic in the final two months of campaigning.
  • What Congressman Roy thinks of
  • The challenges candidates face in dealing with a wide variety of issues.
  • Some of the most common energy and climate questions candidates need help responding to.
  • How to promote

One point Chip stressed is the value of thinking about energy, environment, and climate issues in terms of human flourishing, as it leads to a degree of conviction and confidence in energy freedom.

[T]he fundamental brilliance of your efforts [is] taking the talking points and connecting them back to human flourishing and the importance of advancement for humankind, mankind…That’s the center of all of this. It’s knowing that you’re trying to make life better for your kids and grandkids. And we’ve done that in America better than any other country in the history the world.

You can watch on YouTube or listen on Apple Podcasts.

Recent and upcoming speeches, in-person and virtual

Last Friday I delivered my first in-person speech since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. It was at an outdoor venue in Broomfield, Colorado. 

It’s great to get back to in-person events, especially because I have a lot of new material I’ve been developing over the past several months. Next month I’ll be speaking to a group of pro-freedom college activists at the Young America’s Foundation Road to Freedom Seminar

I have been doing and will continue to do more virtual events, which I also enjoy a lot. 

If you’re planning a live or virtual event, feel free to reach out to me directly. Through the election I’ll be offering speeches at half their usual price. gaining steam

Thanks to those of you who have been sharing I’ve recently updated the website to make the different topics easier to find. 

In the last week I’ve been contacted by some of the most prominent political figures in the US. I’m hoping that some of them will use the points publicly in the coming weeks. 

As energy and climate become more central as the elections approach, candidates and other influencers will be hungrier for good talking points. So please keep spreading the word!   

Thanks for reading this week’s newsletter. Thanks especially to the Accelerators who help support, the new Moral Case book, and other projects that help us spread pro-human energy thinking. 

To Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Energy,