Club for Growth promotes

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  • Club for Growth promotes
  • Interview with David McIntosh, President of the Club for Growth
  • New long-form interview

Club for Growth promotes

Last week got its biggest promotion to date by the Club for Growth, one of the world’s most influential free-market organizations. 

The Club for Growth, which has 250,000 members, identifies and promotes free-market political candidates. When I shared with the Club’s President David McIntosh, he decided to share them with the hundreds of candidates the Club has interviewed this year–including 100+ who are still running.

Here’s what the Club’s website says:

[N]ow more than ever it is crucial that freedom-loving candidates know how to talk energy policy. Founder of the Center for Industrial Progress and bestselling author Alex Epstein offers talking points that can help candidates discuss energy and climate policy. We urge you to check them out at

On this week’s Power Hour, McIntosh had this to say:

They’re fantastic messages and anybody listening to the podcast I recommend you go to the website, look and see what Alex has put up there. Because what they do is put out the argument for why we need a robust market in energy that includes all sources of energy. And how important that is for our standard of living.

So what we did was we posted it…the lawyers told us we couldn’t quite tell the candidates we endorse, “You have to use these” but we told everybody about them and said, “Go see it. Talk to Alex.”

One of the great things on your website is…you started by saying, hey, if you want more information, or you want to discuss this, I’m available. And thank you for doing that. Thank you for taking your time to really help…

A lot of political leaders have a gut instinct for the philosophy they believe in….but they haven’t really thought through “How do we take those ideas and tell people in ways that’s meaningful to them….

The way you’ve distilled this message lets leaders be able to convey it more effectively to the broad public and to voters.”

The more you share the more successes like this we’ll have!

This week’s Power Hour: Promoting Freedom and Energy in 2020 — interview with the Club for Growth’s David McIntosh

On this week’s Power Hour, I interviewed the aforementioned David McIntosh about promoting freedom and energy in 2020. David has a lot of wisdom accumulated from promoting economic freedom throughout his career and I thought that I and my listeners would benefit from it.

Some of the questions I asked him were:

  • What does the Club for Growth do?
  • How does the Club for Growth select and help free-market candidates?
  • What are the most important issues at stake this election?
  • Why did the Club for Growth share Alex Epstein’s
  • What has McIntosh learned about effectiveness in Washington that supporters of energy freedom can utilize to become more effective?

You can watch on YouTube or listen on Apple Podcasts.

New Long-Form Interview

6 weeks ago I did a long-form podcast interview on “Raising the Bar with John Cooper.” This show is part of the popular male self-improvement website, focused on thought leaders in different fields. 

The host was very knowledgeable about the Moral Case for Fossil Fuels and asked a lot of great questions. I know I say this a lot lately, but this is one of my favorite interviews I’ve done. 

2:13 – What is Alex’s framework for thinking about fossil fuels?
6:15 – What positive correlations occur from increased fossil fuel use?
10:50 – What are fossil fuels, how do they create energy, and what the side effects?
17:09 – What are the side effects of renewable energy sources?
25:51 – How does the anti-fossil fuel movement use compassion as a weapon?What false idea is Alex at war against?
31:16 – Who does Alex consider “anti-life”?
37:14 – How does Alex think about Greta Thunberg and other anti-fossil fuel thought leaders?
41:03 – How does Alex think about climate change?
44:40 – Can plants absorb the CO2 we are emitting, or are we past the threshold? Are there benefits to warming?
54:43 – What does Alex think about the “97% of scientists agree” study?
1:01:13 – What does Alex think about the decrease in pollution from the pandemic?Has COVID been blown out of proportion to force a political agenda? 
1:08:41 – Does Alex see any viable oil alternatives in the near future? How long will we be able to extract it? Will the extraction have any long term effects?

 Thanks for reading this week’s newsletter. 

One of the themes of this newsletter is that it really is possible to change minds if one gives a clear enough explanation of the truth.

 I was reminded of this a couple weeks ago when I was talking with a new Accelerator who was also giving me some vital technical help with He told me that in 2016 he was a Bernie Sanders supporter. Now he’s making the moral case for fossil fuels to other people who think like he used to think. 

The more we share clear explanations with people, the more clarity will exist in the world. 

That’s my final thought for this week. Thanks as always to the Accelerators who help support, the new Moral Case book, and other projects that help us spread pro-human energy thinking. 

To Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Energy,