CIP Digest: Oil

To continue our series of “CIP Digest” posts (see Climate Change and the IPCC and Hydraulic Fracturing), today’s post is all about oil. Oil is covered frequently on Power Hour and on the CIP Blog; here are a few episodes that stand out as covering key topics:   Meghann Ribbens on the Science of Oil

Alex Epstein talks with Dr. Meghann Ribbens about the science of oil. Dr. Ribbens earned her Ph.D. in Molecular Biology from the University of Southern California.

How Oil Improves the Planet at Michigan State University

Alex explains how oil improves not only our economy, but also our environment in this talk to the students of Michigan State University.

Peak Oil with Michael Lynch

Alex interviews Michael Lynch, former director for Asian energy and security at the Center for International Studies at MIT, about the theory of “peak oil.”

David Blackmon on “Oil Subsidies”

David Blackmon, Managing Director at FTI Consulting, weighs in on “oil subsidies” (and whether they’re really subsidies). Mr. Blackmon has a regular column at

Speculation with Eric Dennis

CIP Senior Fellow, physicist and financial modeler Dr. Eric Dennis demystifies the concept of commodity “speculation” (e.g., in oil) that we hear about so frequently.

Michael Binnion on the Canadian Oil and Gas Industry

Alex discusses the Canadian oil and gas industry with Michael Binnion, CEO of Questerre Energy. Development of Canada’s “oil sands” in particular is a key topic anyone interested in energy should learn a lot about in the coming years.