CIP Digest: Hydraulic Fracturing

If you listen to Power Hour regularly, you’ve heard a lot about hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking” (or “frac’ing”), in the last few years—on its existing and potential impact on the world’s energy supply, and the widespread positive impact on human life it can continue to have, if the oil and gas industry succeeds in taking the high ground in the debate against fracking’s anti-development opponents.

CIP has also covered fracking in many interviews, in talks to university students, and in posts on the CIP Blog. Here are just a few of the best audio and video resources on the topic, in case you’ve missed any of them:
Power Hour: Frac’ing 101 with Mukul Sharma

Alex Epstein interviews one of the world’s leading experts on frac’ing, Dr. Mukul Sharma, on what fracking is, what horizontal drilling is, what chemicals are used in this process, how the process impacts our environment, and more.

Power Hour: Gregory Zuckerman on The Frackers

Alex interviews Gregory Zuckerman about his new book, The Frackers. Gregory is a writer at The Wall Street Journal and the bestselling author of The Greatest Trade Ever.

Power Hour: Mark Mills on the Future of Energy

Alex talks with Mark Mills, co-author of The Bottomless Well, about the growth potential for the fossil fuel industry in North America, the attacks on fracking, the future of energy in America, the relationship between freedom and technology, and more.

Power Hour: The Dangers of Not Fracking

Alex talks with CIP researcher and oil industry engineer David Biederman about why fracking is one of the safest energy technologies, and the dangers of not fracking.

Power Hour: What Fracking is Really Like with Terry Cunningham

Ever wonder what fracking is like? Meet someone who actually fracks for a living: Terry Cunningham. Alex and Terry talk about the process of finding oil, how oil is extracted, what equipment is used, what chemicals are involved, public perception and more.

Interview with Fox & Friends: “Fracking is Actually Incredibly Good for Our Environment”

Interview with Energy Tomorrow: “Alex Epstein on Fracking Technology”

University Talk: “Fracking Amazing”

Alex speaks to Penn State’s Young Americans for Freedom about why fracking is amazingly positive, economically and environmentally. (The second video is the Q&A.)