Book finished, TV debates, and a fun conversation with Michael Shellenberger

In this issue:

  • Book finished!
  • My best TV interview ever?
  • New talking points
  • McKibben debate anniversary
  • The rise of Michael Shellenberger and the energy humanist movement

Book finished!

On Tuesday at midnight I sent in my final changes to the Fossil Future manuscript! Check out the outline of the book for an idea of what I cover.

Preorder your copy/copies here.

My best TV interview ever?

I did four new TV interviews this week (two available online), including one on GB News (the first one below) that many are calling my best TV interview ever.
Check out the Twitter comments and YouTube comments

New talking points

Here are new talking points on COP 26 and on the reconciliation bill’s 10-year extension of solar and wind subsidies. Sign up for the free Energy Talking Points newsletter here.

McKibben debate anniversary

It’s the 9-year anniversary of my debate with Bill McKibben. I wrote a brief retrospective here.

The rise of Michael Shellenberger and the energy humanist movement

I recorded a bonus Power Hour this week with Michael Shellenberger. This was a fun one. Here’s the description.

The rise of Michael Shellenberger and the energy humanist movement

On this week’s Power Hour, Alex Epstein is joined by Michael Shellenberger, author of the bestselling Apocalypse Never and San Fransicko, to discuss Shellenberger’s rising influence and, more broadly, the growing influence of “energy humanists.”

Some of the topics covered in this free-flowing discussion are:

  • What caused Shellenberger to be more open in challenging climate catastrophism?
  • The strong pushback Shellenberger got from donors for challenging the liberal orthodoxy around renewables and climate catastrophe.
  • How to use Twitter effectively.
  • How to avoid Twitter addiction.
  • The commonalities among the “woke” movement and the modern environmental movement.
  • The ESG movement’s “success” in driving up oil and gasoline prices.
  • The importance of having a positive, alternative vision and policy when defending against attacks on civilization.
  • The role of government in a pro-nuclear movement.

You can watch on YouTube or listen on Apple Podcasts.

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