Announcing the free Moral Case for Fossil Fuels “Lunch and Learn in a Box”

One of my goals is to turn the fossil fuel industry into a proud, persuasive champion–not aguilty, unpersuasive apologist.

To do that, I need to speak to as many companies as I can. And since I can’t speak at every company in person, I want to at least have every company see one of my best recordings and have access to some of my best materials.

That’s why I’m offering a “Lunch and a Learn in a Box” on the moral case for fossil fuels.

The program contains one of my favorite debates along with some “cheat sheets” to help you make the moral case for fossil fuels in your professional and personal life more easily than you thought possible.

You can have access to the entire program right now for free to any organization (inside or outside the industry). All I ask is that you promise to hold a session and invite your colleagues. By the end of the session you and your team will:

  • Gain a deeper sense of meaning from their work
  • Be able to turn fossil fuel skeptics into fossil fuel supporters
  • Learn the secrets to having constructive conversations about energy instead of frustrating fights

Sign up now and help your organization become an energy thought leader: