A speaker for any energy event

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  • A speaker for any energy event
  • The Human Flourishing Project: Focus and opportunity cost
  • Upcoming speeches

A speaker for any energy event

One of the biggest challenges for companies and associations trying to hold great energy events is finding great speakers. And one of the biggest challenges for speakers is finding the best energy events.

That’s why I’ve recently started partnering with the best speakers I know to make it easier than ever for you to host a successful event–whatever your budget.

Here’s how it works. Just schedule a 20 minute call with my team and we’ll assess your needs, goals, and budget and then connect you with a speaker we’re confident will give you and your audience the best possible experience.

In addition to my own speeches, our growing roster of topics includes:

  • The future of oil prices
  • Climate science and climate policy
  • Oil and gas geopolitics
  • Energy regulation and energy policy
  • Corporate governance and energy policy

If you have any interest in speakers for 2019, schedule a call with my team today.

The Human Flourishing Project: Focus and opportunity cost

On the latest episode of The Human Flourishing Project I discuss my “secret project” and how working on it has helped me understand the vital concepts of focus and “opportunity cost.”

Visit our Facebook page and join in the discussion. And for the latest news visit humanflourishingproject.com where you can sign up to receive email updates.

Upcoming speeches

Here are my upcoming speeches.

  • 12/21 – Turning Point USA Student Action Summit (register here)
  • 1/8 – Private event in San Antonio, TX
  • 1/9 – Private event in Toronto, Canada
  • 1/17 – Private event in Phoenix, AZ
  • 2/6 – PROPEL Energy Tech Forum (register here)

If you’re interested in having me speak at a high level event, you can download a list of my new speeches here.