A request, a new speech, and some new hearts and minds

We are always striving to upgrade our ability to change hearts and minds. If you’ve followed any of my work I would be grateful if you’d give five minutes of your time to fill out a brief survey. It will be extremely valuable in helping us improve our work.

  • If you’re in the energy industry, you can fill out the survey here.
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New speech: How to Talk to Anyone About Energy

I believe that every employee in the energy industry deserves the opportunity to understand the value of what they do–and how to communicate it to others.

In my new “How to Talk to Anyone About Energy” speech I share the three key principles employees need to effectively communicate what they do to their personal networks, both online and offline.

If you’re interested, respond to this email with “New speech.”

We constantly get messages from readers and viewers commenting on how our pro-human, full-context approach to thinking about issues has changed their way of thinking–andcommunicating.

Here are a few recent ones.

“Alex’s work is incredibly beneficial to the esteem of people working in the energy industry and critical to enhance the understanding of all who benefit from it, and everyone is abeneficiary of the energy industry.”-Sara Caldwell

“Alex has a much different approach toward fossil fuels than those of us from the industry. His rational, well thought out approach using verifiable data should be better received by the ‘never fossil fuel crowd’ than other outreach methods from the industry.” -Kevin

“He has brought a truly understandable and thoughtful outlook to people outside of the industry and has given me a more clear picture on how everything in our daily lives is connected to the fossil fuels industry, has made me proud and given me the tools to champion my industry to others who do not have a clear understanding of this industry andsee it more in a negative light.” -Ryan Nash

“Alex’s work has been essential to my understanding of fossil fuel issues and has changed my way of thinking. Alex’s work has also been influential to my surrounding network of friends, family and colleagues.” –Samuel Young

“’Climate Change’ has become a hot-button issue for me now. I am so energized by my newknowledge of how fossil fuels have a direct link to human flourishing. I have had several conversations relaying all I have learned and recommending [the Moral Case for Fossil Fuels]. This may sound crazy, but I have this feeling, a sense of urgency, that we have so much work to do to expose the motivations, mis-truths, and misdeeds of the Green Movement. I’m not a debater or a philosopher, but I do share information I am passionate about. I have more to learn. I do believe that reading MCFF made a noteworthy impact in my life. I take it as a call to action!” -Melissa Eitel

“It is extremely difficult to showcase the positive impacts fossil fuels have on the advancement of human life. People are extremely and outrageously biased against them yet they have no clue which daily products they use are derived from petroleum. Your work has helped me communicate the benefits more effectively.” -Vincent Oliver