A motivating call from a Congressman

Yesterday I got a call from a US Congressman I met with during my last trip to DC. The subject was how to make the moral case for fossil fuels more influential in Congress.

My favorite part of the call was when he put the moral case into his own words.

He went right to the fundamental, explaining the wrong premise that “unadulterated nature and minimizing human impact is the goal” and said “The goal should be the advancement of the human condition.”

I wish I had a transcript.

This is motivating for a few reasons.

One, it’s great that even one representative understands how to think properly about energy.

Two, I feel like my work in making my ideas more retainable to audiences has paid off.

Three, I think I’ll be able to have a lot of impact next year.

2018 will be the year that human flourishing-based thinking reaches a critical mass.

A Christmas gift to reward one of my favorite virtues

A few months ago reader Tom Grosset (who happens to hold a Guinness World Record for drumming) wrote me: “I just handed Sam Harris your book during a book signing tonight in Toronto. Hope he reads it.”

Sam Harris has an extremely influential podcast that I would love to be on to discuss energy and climate. So I was incredibly grateful to Tom for giving Harris a copy of the book.

This morning I went to the UPS store to send Tom a signed copy of The Moral Case, which he had requested for him and his dad for Christmas.

I am really grateful to anyone who shares The Moral Case with thoughtful leaders. If/when you do so, tell me about it!