A Golden Opportunity?

The following is not an opportunity for most people.

One, it’s not cheap and two, it’s unusual. It’s an opportunity for a select group of CIP supporters (Gold Accelerators) to have access to CIP’s weekly Talent Factory meetings, where I teach our best and brightest how to write and think better. Some of this occurs through lectures, but most of it–and in my view, the most valuable part–occurs through analyzing and improving real articles in progress.

My former colleague Don Watkins, co-author of the national bestseller Free Market Revolution generously said this about my teaching:

I grew up obsessed with martial arts movies like Karate Kid, and I always hoped that I would run into a Mr. Miyagi who would train me in the art of fighting. That never happened, but I eventually got something better: I got to be trained by Alex Epstein in the art of thinking and writing.

Working with Alex for over half a decade was one of the highlights of my career. When we first met, I was just starting out as a professional writer, and not only were my edges a little rough, but the middle was in need of some sanding as well. For years, Alex generously served as my unofficial mentor, and I cannot overstate how much I learned from him. Thanks in no small part to his efforts, including many a late night spent dissecting and improving my drafts word-by-word, I was able to grow from a promising kid to a successful columnist and bestselling author.

What makes Alex unique is that he combines two traits that are seldom found together: an intellectual’s passion for truth and clarity, and an entrepreneur’s commitment to impact. One of the biggest lessons he taught me was that it means nothing that a piece of writing is perfectly logical if it’s not interesting enough to compel people to read it.

None of my success would have been possible with Alex’s efforts and his example.

Now, I should stress that in our classes I don’t give you feedback on your writing (unless you’re a member of The Talent Factory–to audition, email support@industrialprogress.net). But you’ll get to see me give feedback on other pieces of writing, which is almost as valuable. Probably half of what I taught Don, and what others taught me, came from analyzing other people’s articles and learning valuable lessons from their successes and mistakes.

Again, this opportunity is not for most people. If it’s for you, you need to become a CIP’s Gold Accelerator or above. $90/month (cancel anytime) or $1000 lump sum (with one year’s access). Just click here to be taken to our Accelerator page and select Gold or above. Email support@industrialprogress.net if you have any questions.

Classes are on Sundays.