8 Secrets About Gas Prices Every American Needs to Know

Do you want to know a secret? Oil companies don’t control gas prices. Yes, you heard that right. So what does control gas prices? The simple law of supply and demand.  And supply and demand are impacted by many other factors (like global events and inflation).

American consumers need to know the real story behind gas prices because they’re the ones buying the product and benefitting from it; yes, benefitting.  In his new Op-Ed at Fox News.com, Alex Epstein, reveals some things you may not know, and that may surprise you, about gas prices. For example, here’s something I bet you didn’t realize:

Secret 5: Oil companies are creating their own competition.

“The most promising substitute for gasoline may well be natural gas–whether compressed, liquefied, or diesel-ized natural gas–since gas is at incredibly low prices right now. Who produces much of that natural gas? Oil companies, aka oil-and-gas companies. Those “greedy” oil companies are the leaders in creating their own competition. Why? Because you can’t run from competition if the market is free.”

Considering what we gain every time we purchase a gallon of gas (“the best portable fuel on the market”), even at increased prices we should be thankful. And that’s no secret.

Learn more great secrets here and please leave your comments. And these aren’t secrets to keep. Make sure everyone knows them – especially your congressmen.