2.3 million views and counting

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  • 2.3 million views and counting
  • Power Hour: Ohio’s nuclear bailout, prestigious economist says GND would help the economy, and more

2.3 million views and counting

 My recent Prager University video on the Green New Deal has reached 2.3 million views, including over 1.3 million on YouTube alone. Here’s some of the feedback the video has received:

  • “The most concise argument against the green new deal ever.” -Mark Eshom 
  • “Wow, I haven’t seen one of your videos in a while. But I can say this one is probably one of, if not the best in terms of presentation and credibility. Finally you guys are showing sources. Keep it up.” -The Californian Refugee
  • “I’m glad the in this video they acknowledged both sides. They acknowledged how some information is incorrect, but also acknowledged the correct information within the miscommunication” -MNO
  • “I love this guy. Thanks for bringing him back. You guys could do a longer podcast with him.” -Dante Alighi3ri
  • “I LOVED this video! There are so many people out there trying to play with people’s feelings to pass bills, but facts will show us what we really need to be doing. I’d love to see more videos on this topic from you guys.” -roni_sabisch
  • “Just bought your book on Amazon, look forward to reading it.” -HedgeHodge
  • “Alex Epstein is the voice of reason.” -Winchester Bear
  • “I really want to say something to the contrary, but I understand that is from a lifetime of propaganda and brainwashing. Never really knew how deeply rooted it was until watching this. Where my emotions are screaming no, but my logic is saying yeah.” -The Scribe
  • “Well presented argument regarding energy, the preposterous “Green New Deal,” the future needs of the US and world, and where nuclear energy can play a role.” -Sam Hammond 
  • “Everyone should listen to this, especially those who are so lacking of sensibility with the Green New Deal. Giving the government complete control over everyone’s lives through control over energy is not smart for us.” -Gerald Boyer 
  • “This presentation is all true common sense against the lies and nonsense of the Green New Deal.” -Kelly Kirkman 

One of the most effective, and easiest, ways to increase your energy influence is to share persuasive resources. That’s why we’ve been heavily promoting the video across our own channels–so that as many people as possible will hear the moral case against the Green New Deal. Here are a few examples:

If you enjoy the video, I hope you’ll share it.

Power HourOhio’s nuclear bailout, prestigious economist says GND would help the economy, and more

On this week’s Power Hour, Don and Steffen covered six topics: