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Power Hour: Environmental Education with Alex Epstein

Arm yourself with vital knowledge on this week’s special edition of Power Hour. Guest host Chad Morris interviews Alex Epstein on how to think about environmental issues. Topics include: Environmental education Recycling Peak oil and natural resources Fracking Chemicals in nutrition and everyday human life Global warming And more… Alex also gives the inside scoop […]

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Power Hour: Robert Bradley on Our Energy Resources

Power Hour is now weekly, and we kick off our first weekly episode with energy guru Robert L. Bradley, Jr, CEO of the Institute for Energy Research, Editor of the MasterResource energy blog, and expert on the history, economics, and philosophy of energy resources. On this episode, Bradley and I discuss the apocalyptic predictions of […]

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Why “Peak Oil” Predictions Are Always Wrong — The Best of Power Hour

On this installment of “The Best of Power Hour,” oil economist Michael Lynch explains some of the mistakes “peak oil” theorists make–and gives a fascinating insight on how to properly predict oil prices. [audio:] Download The Best of Power Hour: Why “Peak Oil” Predictions Are Always Wrong Want more Power Hour? Support our campaign […]

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