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North Dakota’s Economic Stimulus

In North Dakota, a state with a 3% unemployment rate, the labor shortage is so great that businesses are now employing international students who have obtained four-month work visas. While many states with two or three times North Dakota’s unemployment rates are eagerly looking for government bail-outs and government-funded “stimulus” packages, North Dakota has embraced […]

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Will we have the political will to leave North Dakota free?

North Dakota’s growing prosperity continues to be on full display for the world this month. As we wrote previously, the state’s freedom to drill for oil has made it the 2nd largest producer of oil in the U.S.  Recently, a North Dakota oil official publicly predicted that the state could come close to doubling current oil production to […]

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North Dakota Chooses Oil Production

The shale revolution has resulted in North Dakota becoming the 2nd largest oil producing state, passing both Alaska and California this year. Below is the most recent data (February) from the Energy Information Administration, which highlights the powerful up trending production from both Texas and North Dakota. Alaska and California’s declines are even more startling when […]

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