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Energy in the 2012 Elections

With the 2012 federal elections looming, the two parties are vying for voters. In Colorado this week, President Obama was promising an extension of the George H.W. Bush Administration’s tax credit to corporations who participate in the generation of power from wind stating,  At a moment when home-grown energy, renewable energy, is creating new jobs […]

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Shale Revolution: In the News

Even with natural gas prices near ten-year lows, the Eagle Ford shale shows no sign of slowing oil production. It produced 27.1 million barrels for the first four months of this year, Texas Railroad Commission figures show, while Eagle Ford oil production for all of 2011 totaled 36.6 million barrels. “So we’re already 75 per- […]

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A Nation of Traders

With the economy stuck in neutral and a presidential campaign well underway, one word has remained on the lips of political and economic commentators alike: jobs.  Jobs were at the center of the President’s State of the Union address.  Jobs, we are told, drive economic growth.  Jobs will determine who wins the presidential election.  Recently, […]

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