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U.S. Energy Companies: Forced to Show Their Cards

The United States is one of the rarest countries in the world where not only do private individuals own and profit from mineral rights, but the companies that produce and extract these minerals are privately owned and publicly traded. Throughout most of the world, the minerals beneath the earth’s surface are the property of the […]

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Shale Revolution: In the News

Even with natural gas prices near ten-year lows, the Eagle Ford shale shows no sign of slowing oil production. It produced 27.1 million barrels for the first four months of this year, Texas Railroad Commission figures show, while Eagle Ford oil production for all of 2011 totaled 36.6 million barrels. “So we’re already 75 per- […]

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Gas producer turns off the taps in response to moratorium

After years of fighting with local governments for permission to expand gas production, this producer has shut in its wells. “Lenape said it leases drilling rights on about 5,050 acres in the town, pays the owners $13,000 a year in gas royalties and provides them $65,000 a year in free gas.” With the wells shut in the town […]

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The Frac’ing Truth

Land and business owners in Broome County, New York filed a lawsuit to lift a two-year ban on oil and gas drilling. They would like to benefit from the creation of jobs and prosperity. So would the members of two landowners’ coalitions representing over 1300 families who own a combined 31,000 acres. Lifting the ban […]

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To Understand Energy You Must Understand the Price System

What is the most promising energy technology for the future: coal, oil, gas, and nuclear, or solar panels, battery-powered cars, and fluorescent light bulbs? The reflexive approach to answering such questions taken by the federal government over the past four decades has been to form expert committees and let the best argument win — or […]

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