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Don’t Take Power for Granted

Bill McKibben (whom CIP founder Alex Epstein just debated) isn’t a fan of power. McKibben says “we need to cut our fossil fuel use by a factor of twenty over the next few decades” (Eaarth, pp. 184-185). What does that mean? Fossil fuels are not the only kind of energy, but they are the most […]

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My Debate With Bill McKibben

Here is the rough-cut video of the event, which took place Monday at Duke University. Thanks to the Program on Values and Ethics in the Marketplace for hosting. Note that Bill McKibben is, right now, on tour promoting the destruction of the fossil fuel industry, the engine of our civilization. The battle has just begun. […]

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A Challenge to Bill McKibben

A few days ago on Twitter, I invited Bill McKibben to choose any catastrophic global warming believer he wanted and debate me and Dr. Eric Dennis at Duke University on the topic of “the morality of fossil fuels.” We would pay him $10,000. @billmckibben Duke will host a debate between you+anyone and me+Dr.-Eric-Dennis on the […]

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