As an executive or communications professional in the energy industry, your industry and your company face formidable attacks by so-called environmentalists that can put a halt to your projects and sabotage your bottom line.

CIP is unmatched in its ability to successfully out-message “environmentalists” and turn their supporters into your supporters. As one of our readers recently wrote about Alex Epstein, CIP’s President:

“It would be an understatement to say that Alex Epstein has completely and absolutely changed how I think about energy. No longer do I feel guilt for enjoying the use of products powered by fossil fuels, in fact, I now embrace them. I now see fossil fuels as a source of life rather than a source of death as is widely quoted by environmentalists”

Those who use CIP’s ideas, examples, stories and tactics are able to turn the tables on attackers:

“I have been involved in the general debate of the benefits of the oil/gas industry for several years now. I have also been asked to participate in televised debates and give Op-Ed statements. I have always found that during these engagements I have always been put on the defensive and let the opposition set the tone of the discussion. You have by example, shown me a way to make my points in a manner that not only let’s me express fully my position, but to show the industry in a truly positive light. You have found the way to break down the walls, that have in the past boxed in our positions. I want to thank you, and your staff for the hard work and dedication to this cause, and tell you that you have all made a big difference in the way people discuss and look at our industry.”

–Terry L. Cunningham, EPI Consultants

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