CIP in the Midwest

As I write this, I am heading to Duluth, MN to give my fourth talk this week, “How Mining Improves Our Environment.”

On Monday, I spoke at University of Wisconsin, Madison on “Why America Should Stop Going Green and Start Going Industrial.”

On Tuesday, I spoke at St. Olaf College about energy and economics.

Last night, I spoke at University of Minnesota on “Energy 2012: What Every American Needs to Know about Energy.”

All the talks are hosted by CFACT. Thanks to Bill Gilles and their team for helping us bring the industrial progress message to so many new audiences.

We’re videotaping the talks and will post some of the footage online.

One response to “CIP in the Midwest”

  1. Thomas J. Radke says:

    It amuses me that, when engaged in conversations with though who oppose mining, in particular copper mining, they fail to make the basic connection between the extraction of this valuable metal and it’s vital role in their plans to make the world “green”. Much like their abject abhorrence to oil and all its vital products, they are blind to the need for such resources to produce the lightweight electric automobiles they pin our futures on as well as their dream machine like windmills and solar panels. It’s as if they are unable to look beyond the electric outlet on their wall or their myopic vision of a world of renewable energy. Simply put, no copper from mines, no plastics from oil, no possibility of realizing their utopian dreams. Unfortunately for them, time and reality are on our side. They can wish all they want but it is only the wishful dreams of short-sighted fools.