“I approve of a blackout, I’m pro population control!”

Watch this 17-second video. A few weeks ago, I wrote: The Sierra Club,, and many other self-proclaimed environmentalist groups are planning a mega-“forward on climate” rally on February 17…This rally has nothing to do with climate, though I know many of its participants believe it does. It is about opposing any form of practical […]

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A few months ago when I debated’s Bill McKibben, I was struck by how desperate he was to try to intimidate me instead of acknowledging and answering my arguments. I repeatedly observed that despite his decades of apocalyptic predictions, climate-related deaths have fallen 98% in the last 80 years due to technology powered by […]

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New Video at Energy Tomorrow

At the American Petroleum Institute’s State of American Energy event a few weeks ago, I gave an interview on hydraulic fracturing. Early this week, it was featured on the popular Energy Tomorrow blog. So far the video is the most popular video of the whole event–including the State of American Energy speech itself. Please keep […]

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Alex Epstein Walks Into a Bar…

Earlier this month, CIP was invited to the premiere of FrackNation (see here for a review). Both supporters and opponents came out to watch the film and attend the after-party. During the after-party, Alex Epstein took on an opponent in an impromptu bar-debate! Check it out: Want to sport CIP’s Improve the Planet t-shirt, too? […]

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How Coal Improves Our Environment

Check out the latest and greatest speech from Alex Epstein on “How Coal Improves Our Environment”. This keynote was given at the American Coal Council conference, August 21, 2012. Be sure to “Like” the  I Love Fossil Fuels Facebook page to see more awesome memes from the video. Not to mention fun contests, great information on fossil […]

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Q & A on Green Blackout plus How to Handle Eco-Hecklers

Watch the  Q & A from Alex’s latest talk, “Green Blackout”, and see how he calmly handles eco-hecklers. Q&A Part 1: Q&A Part 2: Q&A Part 3:  

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Occupying “Occupy Wall Street” — Tell Us What You Think

Several weeks ago, when I was vacationing in New York, CIP’s Dr. Eric Dennis and I visited the enduring “Occupy Wall Street”  group. Here are three videos of our experiences. Tell us what you think. Does anything about the protestors strike you as particularly noteworthy or ominous? I’ll share my reflections in a future post. 

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