Power Hour: Jeffrey McClure on “Socially Responsible Investments”

On this episode of Power Hour, I talk with Jeff McClure, founder and CEO of Freedom Capital Investment Management, about investment movements that label themselves as socially responsible but are anti-capitalist and anti-productivity. Download Episode 121 with Jeff McClure Subscribe to Power Hour on iTunes

Power Hour: Understanding Climate Models with Christopher Essex

On this episode of Power Hour, I talk with Christopher Essex, Professor in the Department of Applied Mathematics at The University of Western Ontario, about what climate models are and how they work. Download Episode 120 with Christopher Essex Subscribe to Power Hour on iTunes

Power Hour: Steve Hayward on All Things Energy

On this episode of Power Hour, “polymath” Steve Hayward and I have a free-flowing discussing of the global energy landscape, from Russian gas to US solar. To read more from Steve, visit his PowerLine blog. My review of “Promised Land” can be found at MasterResource. Download Episode 118 with Steven Hayward Subscribe to Power Hour on iTunes

Power Hour: Marc Morano on Threats to Energy Freedom

On this episode of Power Hour I interview journalist Marc Morano of CFACT and climatedepot.com about threats to energy freedom, including the upcoming UN climate summit in Paris. Marc offers some interesting comments, like the scary thought that our biggest hope for energy freedom there will be… China. Check out Marc’s climate movie, project to be released in early December, at climatehustle.org. Download Episode …

Power Hour: Jude Clemente on Energy Poverty and America’s Energy Opportunity

On this week’s episode of Power Hour I talk with energy expert Jude Clemente about the extent of energy poverty around the world, including in the US. We also discuss how with the right energy policy we can make everyone around the world more prosperous. You can check out Jude Clemente’s work at Forbes and follow him on twitter. Download …

Power Hour: Judith Curry on the State of Climate Science

On this week’s Power Hour, climate scientist Dr. Judith Curry, Professor and former Chair of the School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at Georgia Tech, President of Climate Forecast Applications Network and proprietor of the blog Climate Etc., joins me to discuss how she went from being a mainstream climate scientist to one of the most controversial figures in the …

Power Hour: Pierre Desrochers on The Bet

On the latest episode of Power Hour, I talk to Pierre Desrochers about the 25th anniversary of the momentous bet between resource theorists Paul Ehrlich and Julian Simon. Download Episode 113 with Pierre Desrochers Subscribe to Power Hour on iTunes

Power Hour: Dr. Patrick Moore on a Rational, Pro-Human Approach to Ecology

On this episode of Power Hour I talk to Patrick Moore, ecologist and a co-founder (and defector) of Greenpeace about how the science of ecology has been corrupted over the decades, and how it can be fixed. Dr. Moore is the Chair for Ecology and Energy of the Frontier Institute for Public Policy in Canada. Download Episode 112 with Patrick …