Industrial Progress Report

The Nation’s First New Refinery Since 1976 Demonstrates that Industrial Progress is Flourishing in North Dakota

The men and women of the American oil industry are facilitating the greatest increase in the availability of life supporting fuel seen in decades. Their prodigious creation of oil—through advancements in horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing (fracking) technologies—has stabilized world crude prices, reducing the need for U.S. oil imports and increasing the availability of liquid fuels […]

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Obama Lied, People Thrived

Great news in the world of energy today: “US is Overtaking Russia As World’s Largest Oil-and-Gas Producer.” By now, everyone knows the cause: using technologies such as hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”) and horizontal drilling, America’s oil and gas industry is producing life-giving oil and gas at levels few thought possible even 10 years ago. But there is […]

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In Defense of Plastic Bags

I recently had a confusing experience. At the checkout at CVS, I was asked if I wanted to buy any bags. “No,” I said. I didn’t understand why they were trying to sell me bags. It turns out they meant grocery bags. Now they have paper bags for 10¢ instead of plastic bags for free. […]

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A few months ago when I debated’s Bill McKibben, I was struck by how desperate he was to try to intimidate me instead of acknowledging and answering my arguments. I repeatedly observed that despite his decades of apocalyptic predictions, climate-related deaths have fallen 98% in the last 80 years due to technology powered by […]

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The Light Brigade Shines at the Shivering Blackout Rally

Some observations from the “Forward on Climate” Rally: Here’s the background on what we were doing February 17. At least a dozen protesters we met were proudly pro-blackout. Here’s one example. We wore shirts with the equation “Anti-Fossil + Anti-Nuclear = Pro-Blackout.” While we were preparing, at least a dozen protestors unthinkingly tried to buy […]

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Light Brigade is Live!

CIP’s Light Brigade is now live, check it out! Join and get exclusive updates as part of the Light Brigade mailing list. See you on the 17th!

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New Video at Energy Tomorrow

At the American Petroleum Institute’s State of American Energy event a few weeks ago, I gave an interview on hydraulic fracturing. Early this week, it was featured on the popular Energy Tomorrow blog. So far the video is the most popular video of the whole event–including the State of American Energy speech itself. Please keep […]

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Why “Forward on Climate” is Pro-Blackout

“If you are anti-carbon dioxide and anti-nuclear, you are pro-blackout.” This memorable expression comes from the great energy journalist Robert Bryce. And it is why I call the upcoming “forward on climate” rally “the blackout rally.” As I wrote a few days ago:   In all of human history, there have been only three cheap, […]

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Why Every American Needs to Watch FrackNation

In today’s MasterResource, I review the new documentary FrackNation. Here’s an excerpt: The main thing you need to know about FrackNation is that you should watch it. More importantly, given that this blog’s audience is unusually educated about hydraulic fracturing–frac’ing–you should encourage friends and family to watch it. The use of hydraulic fracturing and (less-publicized) […]

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