Green Energy

The so-called environmentalist or Green movement is actually the biggest obstacle to a healthy human environment. For example, This movement has never supported a single practical source of energy–including CO2-free nuclear and hydroelectric–because its ideal is not human progress, but undeveloped wilderness.

Power Hour: Questioning Climate Science with Dr. Richard Lindzen

Dr. Richard Lindzen joins the show to talk about perspectives on climate change and the loaded questions surrounding the topic. Read Dr. Lindzen’s article “Climate Science: Is it currently designed to answer questions?” mentioned on the podcast. Alex and Dr. Lindzen cover: Questions about climate “Balance” in nature The goals of environmentalists Much more.. [audio: […]

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Power Hour: Climate Science and Global Warming with Dr. William Happer

This week’s Power Hour features Dr. William Happer from Princeton University. Dr. Happer served as director of the Department of Energy’s Office of Science from 1991-93 and has written about numerous topics concerning climate and global warming. Be sure to check out Dr. Happer’s brilliant article “The Truth About Greenhouse Gases” mentioned on the podcast. […]

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Power Hour: Climate Change with Steve Goreham

Are the “dangers of climate change” a man-made fact or fantasy? Join this week’s Power Hour as Alex Epstein and Steve Goreham dissect and reveal the fact and fiction behind “man-made global warming”. Author of “Climatism!” and “The Mad, Mad, Mad World of Climatism“, Steve Goreham shares his observations on the “science” behind the modern climate change movement. […]

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Yoko Ono and Sean Lennon – Continuing the Attack on Fracking and Facts

Yoko Ono and Sean Lennon continue their campaign to mislead the public on the issue of fracking – and they have rallied more celebrities to their cause – see this Time Entertainment article.  But in these recent posts about Mark Ruffalo and Ono and Lennon, Alex Epstein reveals the ignorance and hypocrisy of this movement.

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Energy in the 2012 Elections

With the 2012 federal elections looming, the two parties are vying for voters. In Colorado this week, President Obama was promising an extension of the George H.W. Bush Administration’s tax credit to corporations who participate in the generation of power from wind stating,  At a moment when home-grown energy, renewable energy, is creating new jobs […]

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A Challenge to Bill McKibben — Update

Update on my challenge to Bill McKibben to debate me on the morality of fossil fuels after he wrote an article on catastrophic global warming concluding “this is, at bottom, a moral issue; we have met the enemy and they is Shell.” Here is the original challenge. @billmckibben Duke will host a debate between you+anyone […]

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A Challenge to Bill McKibben

A few days ago on Twitter, I invited Bill McKibben to choose any catastrophic global warming believer he wanted and debate me and Dr. Eric Dennis at Duke University on the topic of “the morality of fossil fuels.” We would pay him $10,000. @billmckibben Duke will host a debate between you+anyone and me+Dr.-Eric-Dennis on the […]

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How to Detect Pseudoscience: The Case of Bill McKibben and Catastrophic Global Warming

[audio:] Download “How to Detect Pseudoscience: The Case of Bill McKibben and Catastrophic Global Warming” Bill McKibben’s recent article, “The Terrifying New Math of Global Warming”, has caused a sensation on the Internet. Typical coverage is the Huffington Post’s awestruck “McKibben’s Climate Change Masterpiece Is Strictly by the Numbers”. My colleague, physicist Eric Dennis […]

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Power Hour: How to Think About Energy Issues Part 2

This week’s Power Hour is Part 2 of “How to Think About Energy Issues.” In this episode I cover questions about nuclear power, a controversial new oil extraction technique, and even the connection between energy and ObamaCare! Also, listen to the whole thing to hear new details about CIP’s flagship project, “The Industrial Encyclopedia.” [audio: […]

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