Green Energy

The so-called environmentalist or Green movement is actually the biggest obstacle to a healthy human environment. For example, This movement has never supported a single practical source of energy–including CO2-free nuclear and hydroelectric–because its ideal is not human progress, but undeveloped wilderness.

Power Hour: Energy Policy and Pollution with Jerry Taylor

On this week’s Power Hour, Alex Epstein interviews Jerry Taylor, Senior Fellow at the CATO Institute. Alex and Jerry discuss energy policy today and how it came to be, how to deal with pollution, and more. [audio:] Download Episode 41 – Energy Policy and Pollution with Jerry Taylor Subscribe to Power Hour on iTunes

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“I approve of a blackout, I’m pro population control!”

Watch this 17-second video. A few weeks ago, I wrote: The Sierra Club,, and many other self-proclaimed environmentalist groups are planning a mega-“forward on climate” rally on February 17…This rally has nothing to do with climate, though I know many of its participants believe it does. It is about opposing any form of practical […]

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The Light Brigade Shines at the Shivering Blackout Rally

Some observations from the “Forward on Climate” Rally: Here’s the background on what we were doing February 17. At least a dozen protesters we met were proudly pro-blackout. Here’s one example. We wore shirts with the equation “Anti-Fossil + Anti-Nuclear = Pro-Blackout.” While we were preparing, at least a dozen protestors unthinkingly tried to buy […]

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Keystone XL Video Series

Check out this special pre-rally video series covering the Keystone XL controversy. You can help us make a stand and educate fellow Americans on this vital issue right now. Learn how you can join and support the Light Brigade at the rally here.

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Power Hour: the UN Global Warming Saga with Craig Rucker

On this week’s Power Hour, Alex Epstein interviews Craig Rucker, Executive Director of CFACT, on his eye-opening adventures at UN global warming events. [audio:] Download Episode 40 – UN Global Warming Events with Craig Rucker Subscribe to Power Hour on iTunes

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Light Brigade is Live!

CIP’s Light Brigade is now live, check it out! Join and get exclusive updates as part of the Light Brigade mailing list. See you on the 17th!

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Help the Light Brigade

As CIP ramps up for our Light Brigade opposition to the upcoming Blackout Rally–aka “the biggest climate rally in history”–we invite you to support our effort by becoming a CIP Accelerator. “CIP doesn’t have donors–we have Accelerators. We hope you join this unique group, which has helped fund our epic debates, ground-breaking books, and Talent […]

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Power Hour: Superstorm Sandy with Paul Driessen

This week’s Power Hour features an interview with Paul Driessen, author of “Eco-Imperialism” and senior policy adviser for the Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow (CFACT). Alex and Paul discuss Superstorm Sandy. Learn… what was the context when Superstorm Sandy hit what really caused the damage what we can do to prevent damage in the future […]

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Why “Forward on Climate” is Pro-Blackout

“If you are anti-carbon dioxide and anti-nuclear, you are pro-blackout.” This memorable expression comes from the great energy journalist Robert Bryce. And it is why I call the upcoming “forward on climate” rally “the blackout rally.” As I wrote a few days ago:   In all of human history, there have been only three cheap, […]

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