Causes of the Great Depression

As opposed to the pseudo-scientific, Marxist idea that capitalism is inherently unstable and will lead inevitably to mass unemployment and strife, there is a general agreement among macroeconomists today that the Great Depression was the product of the Fed’s highly distortionary monetary policy. However the nature of this distortion is still a subject of debate.

Thank the 1%

This Thanksgiving, I wrote a piece called “Let’s Thank the One Percent” for The piece got a lot of attention, getting over 3000 “Likes” on Facebook, earning the #1 spot on reader recommendations, and receiving the (very negative) attention of the iconic liberal blog Daily Kos.

PJMedia and InstaPundit feature CIP

Walter Hudson recently interviewed me for the PJMedia website. He asked great questions and, more than any other reporter I have ever dealt with, really got the essence of what we are trying to do at CIP. The sign at her feet read “For a nuclear free, carbon free future.” The one in her hands an equally predictable “Excessive wealth …

Alex Epstein interviewed by The Objective Standard

I was recently interviewed by The Objective Standard blog. Here’s an excerpt: The energy industry is producing the most amazing products and it should never be on the defensive about what it is doing. Producing oil, producing coal, producing gas, these are fundamentally things that have doubled the human life expectancy and we should be over the moon about what …

Occupying “Occupy Wall Street” — Tell Us What You Think

Several weeks ago, when I was vacationing in New York, CIP’s Dr. Eric Dennis and I visited the enduring “Occupy Wall Street”  group. Here are three videos of our experiences. Tell us what you think. Does anything about the protestors strike you as particularly noteworthy or ominous? I’ll share my reflections in a future post. 

A Good Primer on the Shale Gas Revolution

If you have been hearing about “fracking” and want to know what the excitement is about, read Matt Ridley’s recent article documenting the exciting new discoveries of massive amounts of previously inaccessible energy. What’s that you say? Gas is running out? Have you not heard the news? It’s not. Until five years ago, gas was the fuel everybody thought would …