Remembering John Lewis

I recently learned that historian and activist Dr. John Lewis has passed away after a long battle with cancer. I was fortunate enough to have many interactions with John over the past dozen years, and he repeatedly inspired me in both word and deed. I first encountered John back in 2000, when we were both taking a year-long writing class …


A large group of academic economists has publicly given its endorsement to the Occupy Movement under the banner of “occupy economics” or “Econ4”– a “new” economics “4 the people, 4 the planet, 4 the future.” What does this mean?In typical Occupier fashion, the Econ4 Mission Statement is incredibly vague about its intentions. Fortunately, Eric Dennis and I have “discovered” an earlier draft that makes …

What’s in a Price?

Have you ever thought that it would be nice to get through a bit more of the novel you’ve been reading but you’d rather not pay two cents (literally) for the electricity it would take to run your light bulb for one hour? Have you ever decided you’d rather carry your 50 lbs. of weekly groceries home for 5 miles …

Causes of the Great Depression

As opposed to the pseudo-scientific, Marxist idea that capitalism is inherently unstable and will lead inevitably to mass unemployment and strife, there is a general agreement among macroeconomists today that the Great Depression was the product of the Fed’s highly distortionary monetary policy. However the nature of this distortion is still a subject of debate.

Thank the 1%

This Thanksgiving, I wrote a piece called “Let’s Thank the One Percent” for The piece got a lot of attention, getting over 3000 “Likes” on Facebook, earning the #1 spot on reader recommendations, and receiving the (very negative) attention of the iconic liberal blog Daily Kos.