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An Unreasonable Bill

We all know that the United States has a graduated income tax. The more money you earn annually, the higher a percentage of your marginal income that you pay in taxes.  Depending on how one defines it, the average marginal tax rate that middle class citizens pay to the Federal government is around 20 percent. […]

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A Nation of Traders

With the economy stuck in neutral and a presidential campaign well underway, one word has remained on the lips of political and economic commentators alike: jobs.  Jobs were at the center of the President’s State of the Union address.  Jobs, we are told, drive economic growth.  Jobs will determine who wins the presidential election.  Recently, […]

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The Unsustainable Green Business

By Ryan Krause[Editor’s Note: I am excited to introduce our readers to Ryan Krause, a new blogger at Industrial Progress Report. Ryan Krause is a PhD Candidate and Associate Instructor of Strategic Management at Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business. He conducts research in the areas of strategic leadership and corporate governance. –AE]Why did Solyndra […]

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