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New speeches for the New Year

We’re alway up for custom speeches, but here are some of our popular topics. The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels – Alex’s flagship introductory talk that has inspired tens of thousands of employees to be proud of their work and share that pride with others. (Watch a short, 17-minute version.) How to Talk to Anyone […]

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My favorite election result

I am writing this on a plane from DC to Dallas. I love when I write this newsletter on a plane because it always makes me step back and appreciate the fact that…human beings can fly! Thanks to man-made flying machines and high-density man-made power (liquid hydrocarbon jet fuel, aka “oil”). I’m coming from DC […]

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“I Once Believed Fossil Fuels Were Killing Our Planet”

Recently, I (Alex) asked some friends and colleagues from outside the fossil fuel industry to take a look at some of the advertising campaigns of the fossil fuel industry. In particular, I was interested in what they thought of the effectiveness of one popular approach: just focusing on the positives of fossil fuels to people’s […]

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