Power Hour: Kirk Sorensen on The Nuclear Opportunity

On this week’s Power Hour I discuss the potential of nuclear power with thorium advocate and Flibe Energy founder Kirk Sorensen. Download Episode 111 with Kirk Sorensen Subscribe to Power Hour on iTunes

Power Hour: Brendan O’Neill on Humanism vs. Anti-Humanism

On this episode of Power Hour I’m joined by Brendan O’Neill, editor of spiked-online.com and author of A Duty to Offend, to discuss the difference between the humanist view of nature and the anti-humanist view of nature. Download Episode 110 with Brendan O’Neill Subscribe to Power Hour on iTunes

The Case For Liberating Oil Exports

Imagine this: US iron miners, thanks to revolutionary technology that can extract iron from once-useless rock, double their production in 5 years, creating hundreds of billions of dollars of wealth, contributing to steel production for billions of people around the world, and making America a world leader in iron once again. The production explosion is so big that domestic steel …

Power Hour: Steve Milloy on the Science and Policy of Emissions

On this episode of Power Hour, Steve Milloy, publisher of junkscience.com, discusses emissions, the EPA, and how junk science corrupts much of our government’s environmental policy. Download Episode 109 with Steve Milloy Subscribe to Power Hour on iTunes

Power Hour: Mark Mills on America’s Energy Opportunities

On this episode of Power Hour, Mark Mills discusses the amazing opportunities America has in energy and beyond—if only the government would liberate us to pursue them. Download Episode 108 with Mark Mills Subscribe to Power Hour on iTunes

Power Hour: Rod Adams on Nuclear Policy

On this week’s Power Hour, I’m joined by Rod Adams, publisher of Atomic Insights, to discuss the past, present, and future of nuclear policy. Download Episode 107 with Rod Adams Subscribe to Power Hour on iTunes

The Energy Liberation Plan

Thanks to American ingenuity, this country has the potential to become the energy engine of the world—jumpstarting our economy, guaranteeing our energy security, helping billions to pull themselves out of poverty, and creating millions of highly productive jobs—all while improving the quality of our environment. The energy industry is the industry that powers every other to improve human life. The more affordable, plentiful, …

Power Hour: Oren Cass on America’s Energy Opportunities

On this week’s Power Hour, Manhattan Institute Senior Fellow Oren Cass talks about his new paper “Step on the Gas! How to Extend America’s Energy Advantage.” Download Episode 106 with Oren Cass Subscribe to Power Hour on iTunes

The Obama-Clinton One-Two Blackout

When politicians propose a new policy, such as Barack Obama’s and Hillary Clinton’s plans to outlaw one third of US CO2 emissions in the next 15 years, it is always worth asking: Has this been tried before? And what happened when it was? The answer is: a much, much milder version of the Obama-Clinton plan has been tried in Germany—and it has already impoverished …