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North Dakota Ingrates Want to Be Paid for Worthless Natural Gas

When I visited North Dakota recently, activists were starting to raise a stir over safety flaring–the practice of burning dangerous natural gas that comes out of the ground during oil drilling. Having studied the history of the oil industry extensively, I have a great appreciation for safety flaring; before it existed, many oil workers died […]

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Real Alternative Energy

“Alternative energy” conjures up the idea of a superior alternative but in practice is used to promote inferior alternatives–namely, solar, wind, and biofuels. At this point in technological and economic history, those are “alternatives” to coal, oil, natural gas, nuclear, and hydro in the way that wood is an “alternative” to steel and cups attached to strings are […]

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Is “Acidizing” the Next Fracking?

For the last several years, opponents of oil and natural gas have tried to convince the public that the “fracking”—hydraulic fracturing—used in much of modern production is “unsafe.” As claim after claim has been debunked and debunked, the “oil and gas production shouldn’t be allowed because it involves fracking” argument has lost some momentum. Unfortunately […]

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What Atlas Shrugged Can Teach Us About Climate Change

I’m in the middle of rereading my favorite book, Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand. Every time I read the book, I am amazed by how much it illuminates today’s controversies, even though Atlas Shrugged is a) over 50 years old and b) a novel. Consider the following passage, where industrialist-philosopher Francisco d’Anconia remarks to steel magnate Hank […]

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Obama Lied, People Thrived

Great news in the world of energy today: “US is Overtaking Russia As World’s Largest Oil-and-Gas Producer.” By now, everyone knows the cause: using technologies such as hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”) and horizontal drilling, America’s oil and gas industry is producing life-giving oil and gas at levels few thought possible even 10 years ago. But there is […]

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Rolling Stone’s Carbon Cover-Up

Yesterday, when reading a Rolling Stone feature on “Global Warming’s Denier Elite” (I was number 4) I noticed an embarrassingly crude scientific error. In an article condemning me and 9 other supporters of fossil fuel energy as scientific ignoramuses, the editors featured a picture of a coal plant emitting some smoky-looking substance described as “carbon emissions.” […]

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The Tesla Debate

Yesterday, Forbes published my new piece “With the Tesla Model S, Elon Musk Has Created a Nice Nice Fossil Fuel Car.” Several members of the Tesla forum disagreed emphatically, with a range of arguments ranging from technical (I allegedly neglected the issue of “energy efficiency”) to emotional (I am “another hater”). Overall, I thought that the […]

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Why I Love Living in “Gasland”

Have you ever noticed that there are some activities in life that, when you do them, you never regret? Once in a while, I like making a list of these and making sure I incorporate more of them into my life–taking walks, going to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu class, planning my days the evening before, spending time […]

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“I approve of a blackout, I’m pro population control!”

Watch this 17-second video. A few weeks ago, I wrote: The Sierra Club,, and many other self-proclaimed environmentalist groups are planning a mega-“forward on climate” rally on February 17…This rally has nothing to do with climate, though I know many of its participants believe it does. It is about opposing any form of practical […]

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A few months ago when I debated’s Bill McKibben, I was struck by how desperate he was to try to intimidate me instead of acknowledging and answering my arguments. I repeatedly observed that despite his decades of apocalyptic predictions, climate-related deaths have fallen 98% in the last 80 years due to technology powered by […]

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