Power Hour: Ethan Atwood on An Amazing Advocacy Success Story

A couple months ago I spoke to the Alaska Oil and Gas Association and met a very bright industry member, Ethan Atwood, who told me how he and his company had become incredibly effective advocates by using the moral case for fossil fuels. To watch the interview with Ben Mankiewiecz of The Young Turks, click here. If you want to …

Power Hour: Marian Tupy on Human Progress

On this episode, Alex interviews Marian Tupy, Senior Policy Analyst at CATO’s Center for Global Liberty and Prosperity and editor of HumanProgress.org, about the state of human progress, economic inequality, and some fundamental differences between Europe and America. Download Episode 135 with Marian Tupy Subscribe to Power Hour on iTunes Subscribe to Power Hour on PlayerFM

Meat and Potatoes Interview

Alex was interviewed by Chris Maider on the Meat and Potatoes podcast about the attack on fossil fuels and free speech by several state attorneys general. Listen to “The Moral Case Part II” on Spreaker.

First The Government Went After ExxonMobil — Now They’re Going After Me

Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey is persecuting ExxonMobil and now me for having opinions on fossil fuels she disagrees with. My company, the Center for Industrial Progress, is one of the 12 cited in the new subpoena of Exxon, meaning that Exxon is supposed to release any private or confidential correspondence any of its employees have ever had with anyone …