Accelerate CIP

CIP doesn’t have donors–we have Accelerators. We hope you join this unique group, which has helped fund our epic debates, ground-breaking books, and Talent Factory training program.


Many supporters of CIP ask us: “What can we do to help?” CIP is a for-profit think-tank, so we don’t accept donations, but you can help us—and the cause of progress—immensely by sharing our work with others. One great way to do that is to buy and share copies of Alex Epstein’s new book The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels.

You can buy it on Amazon for yourself, or you can buy them through us, and we’ll distribute them to high-impact audiences such as teachers, students, and political officials. Everyone who supports the book in this way will become a CIP Accelerator.






4 Books
10 Books
20 Books
40 Books
200 Books
400 Books


For inquiry about buying more than 400 books, please contact us at for individualized assistance.

Accelerator by Mail:

Send a check to “Center for Industrial Progress” at our mailing address (below).

Mailing address:

Center for Industrial Progress
25592 La Mirada St
Laguna Hills, CA 92653

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